It is a difficult time for all of us – businesses, schools, arts, entertainment, hospitality etc – but especially challenging for our incredible emergency services and the excellent NHS. Globally, the Corona Virus – Covid 19 – has affected the lives of millions of people, and it is essential that we follow government health advice whilst doing everything we can to continue to support our customers, our employees, and our friends & family.Until we are told otherwise by UK Government, PSL Assemblies Limited will continue to provide maximum manufacturing capacity for the supply of any size, type and quantity of bespoke heatsinks and semiconductor stack assemblies. Our raw material supply chain is robust, and our transport & logistics partners have assured us that they will continue to support us with both global exports and domestic deliveries.

We can confirm that we have spare and immediate capacity for the design & manufacture of Bonded-Fin Heatsinks, Extruded-Profile Heatsinks, Liquid Cooled Plates, Static Transfer Switches and power semiconductor stack assemblies.

All enquiries are very welcome, and we will continue to provide an exemplary spower-stacks-and-clampservice to the global power electronics industries until further notice.

In the meantime, we hope that you, your organisation, your families and your friends, are healthy and safe during this challenging time.

Nic Smith

Head of Sales – PSL Assemblies Limited