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Technical Consultancy, Feasibility and Design

PSL provide a comprehensive technical consultancy service which incorporates both Power Stack Design and Thermal Management Optimisation.

Our consultancy service includes concept assimilation, feasibility, 3D CAD design, prototyping, testing, reporting, and certification. We can provide consultancy for the manufacture of Power Semiconductor Stack specifications together with optimal thermal management solutions – or we can provide design and technical advice on bespoke heatsinks and cooling plates to suit your unique electronics cooling requirements.

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Thermal Simulation and Thermal Analysis

As power density requirements continue to increase, so does the demand for high performance optimised thermal solutions.

By utilising computational fluid dynamics (CFD), our engineers can accurately predict and optimise the thermal performance of a design well in advance of the manufacturing process. This enables PSL to provide highly efficient bespoke thermal management systems whilst remaining confident that the design is also fit for purpose.

PSL has experience and expertise in designing & analysing a wide range thermal management systems utilising:

  • Forced and Natural Convection
  • Radiative Cooling
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Steady-State & Transient Behaviour
  • Heat Pipes and Vapour Chambers

CNC Vertical Machining Capacity

To enable us to provide the very best service in the design and manufacture of bespoke heatsinks and cooling plates, our Dunstable factory comprises 9x CNC Vertical Machining Centres, working on a 16 hour/day 2 shift system, supported with Faro Edge 14000 portable measuring.

All sizes and designs of heatsinks and cooling plates up to 1250mm x  750mm footprint can be manufactured, including any configuration of embedded cooling tubes.

In-house 3D CAD Design, thermal simulation, factory testing, and leak & pressure testing services are available to support our comprehensive CNC manufacturing capabilities.

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Assembly – Power Stacks, Box-Builds and Enclosures

PSL are one of the few power electronic assembly companies with both in-house CNC machining and also electromechanical assembly capability.

Our facilities include manual power stack assembly and also EPA – electrostatic-protected assembly for the manufacture of sensitive semiconductor stacks.

Our capability range includes all configurations of power semiconductor stack assemblies, as well as complete enclosures and box builds upon request.