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Welcome to PSL Assemblies Limited

PSL Assemblies Limited combine power electronics assembly with precision engineered heatsink manufacturing.

Based in Dunstable, United Kingdom, PSL provide expertise and manufacturing capacity for the supply of all configurations of power semiconductor stacks together with all designs of bespoke heatsinks and liquid-cooled plates.

For almost 50 years, PSL has provided power stacks and thermal management solutions to a wide range of industrial applications including Rail, Heavy EV, Drives, UPS, Motor Starts, Laser, Welding, Induction Heating, Renewable Energy and Net Zero innovations.

Thermal Simulation Consultants

Why Choose PSL?

Manufacturing, assembly, and design facilities - all self-contained within our comprehensive UK factory.
50 years' expertise in power semiconductor stack assembly and engineered heatsink manufacturing.
Full range of technical services including concept evaluation, feasibility, design, thermal simulation, consultation, testing & certification.
Flexible supply - short run prototypes, production volume manufacturing, scheduling, call-off, Kanban and Just-In-Time options.
Manufacture exactly to your specification - or complete design & supply to your concept and application parameters.
Professional, friendly, team-based solutions. Easy to do business with.
Themal Simulation PSL Assemblies Consultancy

Design, Consultancy & Technical Support

Encompassed within one manufacturing facility, PSL design, test, and manufacture all sizes of bonded-fin heatsinks, extruded-profile heatsinks, liquid-cooled plates, IGBT Chopper assemblies, and custom specifications of Diode, Thyristor and Silicon Carbide MOSFET stacks.

Our in-house services include: 3D CAD design, thermal simulation, testing, EPA electromechanical manufacturing, CNC vertical machining, Faro-Arm dimensional inspection, technical consultancy and after-sales customer support. We can provide assistance with concept, feasibility, size & weight reduction, reverse-engineering and prototype manufacture.