With over 40 years of experience, meeting the demands of Research & Development Engineers and Electro-Mechanical System Designers, PSL provides a unique Power Stack manufacturing service with the flexibility to supply any configuration of electronic stack assembly. Typical Bi-Polar and IGBT Stack assemblies can include any bespoke design of specialist Inverters, Rectifiers, Static Transfer Switches and any configuration of sub-system electronic assembly. Working in accordance with your technical specifications using your drawings and design data – or designed & built complete by our own in-house technicians from your application concepts and operational parameters – PSL offers a fully comprehensive service in the manufacture of specialist Power Stacks and bespoke Power Conversion Sub-Assemblies.

Bi-Polar Stack Assemblies

PSL design and manufacture all configurations of high power single-phase & 3-phase Diode and Thyristor Rectifier Assemblies – incorporating all types of bespoke clamping systems and thermal management options. To achieve maximum power capability, we incorporate into our designs the very best quality of Phase Control Thyristors, High Power Rectifier Diodes and all other complementary diodes and high power components. Our in-house technical design team use the latest Autodesk Inventor 2017 software to assist in the creation of all types of custom built Bi-Polar Stack Assemblies.

Bi-Polar Checklist

IGBT Assemblies

IGBT based stacks from H-bridge to Full Inverter configurations are designed & manufactured in-house to individual customer requirements – incorporating a range of forced air, natural air and liquid cooling methods. Our unrivalled technical experience in the manufacture of IGBT Stack Assemblies enables us to produce excellent quality Single Switch, Dual Switch, Chopper and Half Bridge IGBT assemblies.
All electrostatic-sensitive products are checked and assembled in our Electrostatic Protected Area, allowing us to supply high quality IGBT assemblies which meet the most rigorous of safety and quality requirements.

IGBT presentation

Clamping Systems

High quality assemblies require equally high quality clamping devices – PSL are experts in supplying bespoke clamping systems designed for reliability and mechanical performance. Incorporating high quality insulators and disc springs, PSL can design & supply any bespoke configuration of bar clamps and c-clamps.

C-Clamp Operating Procedure