As leading experts in the specification and application of all types of Power Semiconductors, PSL provides a complete range of Power Semiconductor including: custom-made IGBT modules, Phase Control Thyristors and Rectifier Diodes. Our preference for the Power Semiconductors that we design into our Stack Assemblies is Infineon – with whom we have had a partnership for over 30 years.
Infineon are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of all types of high quality Power Semiconductors – combining innovation and technical excellence with responsibility and accountability. Their ethical and responsible approach to improving modern life, whilst sustaining natural resources and reducing the environmental impact of their work, makes Infineon the perfect technological partner for PSL.
PSL are a flexible and agile manufacturing company, and working to individual customer preferences we can incorporate all other leading brands of Power Semiconductor into our assemblies.
Our technical expertise and experience with Power Semiconductors enables us to assist our customers with all aspects of Semiconductor application and specification – advising on thermal considerations, performance, reliability, compatibility, adaptability, stack assembly, bespoke clamping solutions and speciality requirements.