PSL have chosen Amantys as their preferred supplier of high performance IGBT Drivers.
Amantys are one of the most innovative manufacturers of premium quality gate drive products – producing gate drives with the capability of driving IGBT modules from different manufacturers without the need for gate resistor changes. This allows for considerable subsequent flexibility in the design and sourcing of IGBT modules. Each gate drive is suitable for 2 level, 3 level and multi-level converters for a wide range of medium-high power applications. With current ratings of 400A to 3600A and operating voltages from 1200V to 6500V, Amantys Gate Drives are designed and manufactured to control modules from all leading IGBT manufacturers. In addition, Amantys manufacture a high isolation DC-DC converter to power high voltage gate drives for 4500V and 6500V IGBT modules.

1200V-1700V Gate Drive

4500v-6500V Gate Drive

AN33 Gate Drive

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