Our core competence includes the design and manufacture of custom-engineered high density heat sinks and liquid cooling plates. Utilising both standard extrusion profiles and bonded-fin technology, PSL design and manufacture all sizes of aluminium heat sink to individual customer requirements and specific application parameters. Our in-house CNC/VMC machining facility can produce any combination of drilled & tapped holes and milled sections into the heat sink profiles, and additional methods of cooling can be incorporated into our heat sink designs including embedded liquid cooling pipes.

Standard Extrusion Heat Sinks

Standard extrusion aluminium heat sinks are essential to the thermal management of high power semiconductors. PSL carry extensive stocks of the most commonly specified extruded profiles, with immediate access to virtually all other globally recognised standard extrusion designs. Our in-house CNC/VMC machining facility can customise these standard profiles to add drilled/tapped holes, keyways, and specific milled sections for use with any bespoke electronic assembly. Our facility includes prototyping, 3D cad, and thermal analysis – providing an essential service for R&D, design and conceptual reality processes.

Standard Extrusion Profiles and Charts

Bonded Fin Heat Sinks

PSL has a dedicated Bonded-Fin Heat Sink manufacturing facility – allowing us to provide a truly flexible solution for the critical thermal management of electronics. Cooled by natural or forced air, our bonded-fin heat sinks can be manufactured up to 750mm wide and 1500mm long, and can be machined with any configuration of tapped holes and milled sections. Pitch to height ratios far exceed conventional profiles and fins can be positioned to suit the precise nature of the heat source. All machining, bonding and assembly is carried out in-house by our fully trained technicians – ensuring consistent high quality and performance.

Bonded Fin Heatsinks from PSL

Liquid Cooling Plates

Liquid cooling is the most effective thermal management solution for high power electronics. Where maximum heat transfer is critical to the performance of the electronic system, liquid cooling plates are a cost-effective and reliable alternative to conventional cooling. PSL are leading experts in the design and manufacture of all types and sizes of liquid cooling plate – copper, stainless steel or aluminium pipes can be embedded into the machined aluminium plate and positioned to suit the layout of the electronic component or assembly. All manufacturing, assembly, pressing, bonding, testing and thermal analysis is carried out in-house to ensure that our liquid cooling plates meet the highest demands of quality and reliability.

Cooling Plate Capability