PSL are the UK main agent and distributor for two of Italy’s finest capacitor manufacturers – Itelcond and ICAR. In addition, we also supply an excellent range of Inductive Components and EMC Filters. When incorporated into our Power Stacks, these component combinations ensure that our assemblies are supplied to the highest standards of quality and reliability.
As a distributor of Itelcond Electrolytic Capacitors, ICAR Power Electronic Capacitors, Inductive Components and EMC Filters, PSL provide a flexible and cost-effective component supply service – offering a range of stock-holding, Kanban, scheduling and consignment solutions tailored to individual customer requirements.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors by Itelcond


Itelcond are leading manufacturers of some of the world’s highest quality Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors. Designed, manufactured, and tested in Italy, these excellent Electrolytic Capacitors are available in small or large can sizes, and the wide range available includes extra-long life (20,000 hours), high temperature, high ripple, and low ESR versions. At the time of writing, Itelcond are the only manufacturer to achieve UL standard E479600 for their AY, AYU, ACC, ACS, AZC and AZS series capacitors. Itelcond also have an innovative and experienced design team capable of producing bespoke capacitors and unique modular solutions for customer-specific applications.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

Itelcond Modular Storage

Itelcond Shortform

Power Electronic Capacitors by ICAR

Power Electronic Capacitors by ICAR
For over 70 years, ICAR have been designing and manufacturing excellent quality Power Electronic Capacitors – exporting to over 100 countries worldwide. There are several reasons why PSL have chosen ICAR capacitors as our preferred partner for Electronic Capacitors – excellent product range, superb customer service, bespoke design service for specialist requirements, and more importantly 100% in-house manufacture including the production of their own polypropylene film. The expansive range includes DC Link for traction inverters, AC Filter for Inverters and UPS, Snubber Capacitors, Multi-purpose AC/DC capacitors and their unique Biofurn Series for medium frequency furnace applications.

LNK Series Catalogue

MKP Series Catalogue

MKV Series Catalogue

Inductive Components and EMC Filters

Inductive Components and EMC Filters
PSL have partnerships with world-leading designers and manufacturers of high quality Inductive Components and EMC Filters. Offering a wide range of standard products, and the ability to provide highly customized solutions, PSL supply the very best in magnetic components and EMC filter technology. From single phase & 3 phase EMC filters, through to chokes and transformers, PSL provides a comprehensive service in the supply of all types of Inductive Components and EMC Filters.