Power Semiconductor Stack Assemblies, Bonded-Fin Heatsinks, Extruded-Profile Heatsinks, Liquid Cooled Plates - and UK distributor for Itelcond & ICAR capacitors.

Key manufacturer and supplier to the UK Medical Equipment Supply Chain and global high-performance power electronic applications.

PSL Assemblies Ltd are the UK’s leading supplier of Power Semiconductor Stack Assemblies and Engineered Thermal Management Products - with almost 50 years of manufacturing excellence and exemplary service in the supply of custom-built Heatsinks, Liquid Cooled Plates, and bespoke Semiconductor Stack Assemblies. Sole UK agent for ICAR and Itelcond capacitors - providing a complete range of high quality Electrolytic and DC Film capacitors.

A highly skilled & well-trained workforce, world-leading supply partners, manufacturing excellence through LEAN & 5S principles, and a progressive & dynamic management team, all enable PSL to provide an exemplary service to the global power electronics industry.

New Power Electronics Engineer!

Jul 7, 2020 | No Comments

We are delighted to announce that a new power electronics engineer has been added to our technical team.

Christos Dimitriou …