PSL Group UK is a Thermal Management solutions company which operates three niche companies; PSL Assemblies, PSL Renewables…

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We have been providing and manufacturing solutions based for – efficient energy and power generation for forty years.

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PSL core competence is Manufacturing, specifically providing Box Build solutions to High Reliability Markets. Sales of all Products…

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Industry Recognised, Regulated & Accredited


We offer a wide range of Products:

  • IGBT & Bi Polar Stacks
  • Sub System Assembly Services
  • Engineered Heatsink Solutions
  • Laminated Busbars
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Power Stage Development
  • Power Semi Conductors
  • IGBT Drivers
  • Film And Electrolytic Power Capacitors
  • Emc Filters & Inductive Components
  • Bonded Fin Heatsinks

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